Radar Navigation Utilities


The Radar Navigation Utilities tool is a stand alone program, which will allow an engineer to access accelerometer, navigation and settings data from a radar or tracker and to upload and download navigation configuration. The tool can also be used to change radar range, gain, offset, threshold, bins, min bins, max peak and buffer mode settings.


Using the Radar Navigation Utility Tool

Please follow the steps to use the tool:

  1. Download the RadarNavigationUtilities.exe tool from this page and save it to file.

  2. Open a windows Terminal and change directory to the directory containing the RadarNavigationUtilities.exe.

Command Line Options

The CLI command line options are structured around verbs as an example:

The first verb is a choice of tracker or radar, this governs if the radar or the onboard tracker are to receive the command.

This first verb has several options:

Use flag -i or --ipaddress to specify the Radar IP Address; the default is “”.

Use flag -p or --port to select the Radar Port; the default is “6317”.

Use flag --version to show the version information.

Use flag -? or -h or --help to show help and usage information.

The second verb here is one of the commands listed below, in this case to set the Gain to 1.0 and the Offset to -0.345,

RadarNavigationUtilities.exe -i setgainoffset -g 1.0 -o -0.345

Radar Utilities

Accelerometer Data

Get accelerometer information.

RadarNavigationUtilities.exe -i accelerometer

Set Range Gain and Offset

This will apply range gain and/or offset settings.

RadarNavigationUtilities.exe -i setgainoffset -g 1.0 -o -0.345

Use flag -g or --gain to select the Gain; the default is “0.999691”.
Use flag -o or --offset to specify the Offset; the default is “-0.319910”.
Use flag -? or -h or --help to show help and usage information.

Set Threshold

This will set the threshold.

Use flag -t or --threshold to set the threshold; the default is “0”.
Use flag -? or -h or --help to show help and usage information.

Set Bins and Min Bin to operate on

This will apply bins and/or min bin settings.

This will retrieve and report the six alarm states.

Create Default Navigation Configuration

This will create default navigation configuration in the file specified with -f.

Upload Navigation Configuration

This will upload the navigation configuration from the file specified with -f.

This will retrieve the navigation settings.

Download Navigation Configuration

This will download the navigation configuration.

Set Bins and Min Bin, Threshold and Max Peaks to operate on

This will apply the bins, minimum bin, threshold and/or maximum peak settings.

Set Buffer Mode

This will set the buffer mode.


Start/Stop radar rotation

This option will stop radar rotation and disable the transmitter; or (re)start it.


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