Web Planner Tool


The Thea Web Planning Tool provides an easy way for anyone planning a radar deployment to map out the expected coverage by placing radars and likely obstructions onto a Google based map. The application will use this information to dynamically create the expected coverage based on the supplied obstructions and the types of radar selected.


Key Features

  • Create and save multiple projects records - typically one per site.

  • Manage projects to ensure only relevant and live projects appear in your dashboard.

  • Experiment with different radar deployments by creating one or more scenarios per project.

  • Decide what objects you want to show on the map.

  • Work with basic map data or satellite images.

  • Utilise the full power of the Google mapping system.

  • Save all data under your personal account.

  • Share projects with all authorised users.

  • Send anyone a read-only link so they can view a selected scenario for a specified time period.

  • World View showing all exported projects in a global view of Google Earth.