The demonstration kit provides most of the necessary items to install and run a demonstration (or test) site involving a radar sensor, a PTZ camera and either our AdvanceGuard or ClearWay Witness applications. At the centre of the kit is the Supply unit which contains a 24VDC power adapter and an Ethernet switch.

The Supply unit’s job is to provide power to the radar sensor and camera, and also to coordinate data connections between them and the controlling computer. The Ethernet switch within the supply unit is compliant with the POE+ (802.3at) standard; this means that (using the socket labelled Spare Ethernet) it is possible to connect a second camera that supports Power Over Ethernet and draws no more than 25.5W.


Further Help

The purpose of this guide is to provide additional support to you when installing and configuring the Navtech Radar Demonstration Kit. A video is also available from our website and this will also take you through the key stages in achieving a successful installation.

Additional Items Required

You will find a list of all items that are supplied within the kit on the next page.
In general, you will just need to add the following extra items:

  • Two surveyor-type tripods with mounting heads that include a standard 5/8” threaded bolt fixing to hold the radar sensor and camera (we suggest that your chosen tripods have an elevation adjustment and also a quick-connect, spring-loaded thread),

  • A third (optional) simple tripod to hold the supplied radar target above ground level,

  • A long network cable to link the external test site with your controlling computer,

  • An environmentally protected power extension out to the external test site.

  • A suitable computer to control the installation with the following specifications:


    • OS: Windows 7 64-bit Professional SP1 or Windows 10 64-bit Professional.

    • Additions: Microsoft .Net framework and Visual C++ 32 and 64 bit.

    • Processor: Minimum of Core i5 (Haswell generation or later) at 3.2GHz or faster.

    • Memory: 16GB RAM or more.

    • Storage: Minimum of 100GB of space.

    • Network: 1Gbps Ethernet

    • Graphics: 3D accelerated card with support DirectX 10 or above. Minimum of 512MB VRAM. An Intel CPU integrated graphics adapters such as an HD 4000 or above will suffice.

    • Display: Full HD screen / monitor (1920 x 1080) with touch support, if required.

Witness can also be installed on a virtual machine with virtual hardware as per the specification above. This is recommended if you are competent, or have the necessary technical support to do this. A recommended option is using Virtual Box. This can be used on most computer platforms, including Linux and MAC OS and easy to use and configure.

Please note that only the Professional edition of Windows is supported for either Windows 7 or 10. The Home edition will not work due to the reliance on proper user management which is not available in the Home edition.

Windows Setup

It is expected that the user of the demonstration kit has a good technical understanding of Microsoft Windows and has some basic understanding of networking, including the ability to change a PC's network IP address. If this is outside the user's expertise then they should seek technical IT support.

In addition to changing the system IP address, we also recommend that during installation:

  • The Windows Firewall is disabled. If using a third party firewall or security package then we recommend the same action is performed on this software.

  • The User Account Control (UAC) is disabled (or set to the lowest level)

Both these security features will interfere with the installation and operation of the Witness software.

Disabling security features in Windows does make your system more vulnerable to cyber-attack. We would only recommend that these features are disabled during installation and then are re-applied later. However certain modifications maybe be required in order to maintain normal operation of the software, Please contact Navtech Radar for further information on firewall and security configurations if required.