Installing the Witness Software

The Witness software suite comes with its own installer. The installer enables the selection of required components and also handles some of the core system configuration. You need to understand the configuration options and ensure they are correct before completing the install. These settings can only be changed by re-running the installer.

This section provides a guide for using the Witness installer and covers each of the configuration options.

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Installing for the first Time

To start the installer run the Witness setup file, typically named Witness Suite #.#.### Setup.exe where # represents the version number.

You must be a local admin on the PC or server where you are installing Witness. In addition please ensure you have all the necessary pre-requisites installed before continuing.

Start the Installer

Assuming you have installed the pre-requisites, tick to confirm and then continue. Please read and accept the license using the tick box and continue.

Select Components

You should select the required components you want to install on the PC or server you are currently configuring. There are several built in configurations available, these are:

Installation Type

Components Installed


Installation Type

Components Installed



All components

This will install all components but Canary plugins still remain optional.


All components, less Hydra and Sentinel

This installs all the server components, less Hydra. This is useful when installing a simple client / server setup where the services are on a server and Sentinel (the client UI) is on a separate PC. This option includes the database.


Bloodhound tracker only

This only installers the Bloodhound component. This is useful for when configuring a dedicated tracker server. This is more common on very large sites.


Sentinel only

This only installs the client UI - Sentinel. This is used for client PCs where only the Sentinel application is required.


Hydra component only

This only installs Hydra. This option is only really useful when adding Hydra to an existing installation. Otherwise the Bloodhound / Hydra option is more useful.

Bloodhound / Hydra

Bloodhound tracker and Hydra components only

This installs Bloodhound and the Hydra components. This is useful for when configuring a tracking server where the data splitting (Hydra) is required. This can be used on larger sites with legacy radar.


Install all components less Hydra

Installs all system components required to perform a stand-alone demonstration. This supports all system features running on a stand-alone laptop or PC. This also installs a modified configuration which is suitable for use with our demo kit. This option includes the database.


User specified

This option allows you to select which ever components are required. Note that if you select a standard installation type but then make a change it will automatically change to Custom.

Plugin Selection

No plugins are selected by default. You should select the appropriate plugins under the Canary component:

The use of certain plugins is controlled by license and therefore you should only install plugins which have been purchased, You should never install a plugin without understanding what it does.