CIR Sensor Installation Guide



The purpose of this guide is to provide sufficient information to allow a CIR radar to be physically installed, powered up and configured to correctly communicate over a network. This guide assumes that a suitably trained person has already performed a site survey and a suitable mounting location has been identified. The CIR sensor is an OEM radar sensor that should be configured with your own software package. 

CAUTION: Before performing any maintenance task ensure you are aware of Health & Safety procedures: Health & Safety

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Most Container Cranes and Bulks Loader have walkways with hand rails - keeping to within the confines of these hand rails, will keep you relatively safe. However this does depend on the specific machine or site you are working on. If required to do wear a harness and fall arrestor – Make sure you clip on to a secure structure or on to a dedicated cable/SWR rope. Make sure any equipment used conforms to:              

Shock Absorbing Lanyards – EN354/355
Harnesses – EN361/prEN1496/1497/1498/020895
Retractable Type Fall Arrester - EN360


Navtech Radar Ltd offers comprehensive support services both pre and post radar commissioning to ensure you get the best performance and support for your radar installation. 

Navtech Radar Ltd have a dedicated Customer Services Support Centre that can offer 1st and 2nd line technical support for both hardware and software queries. The centre is staffed by a highly skilled technical team who can advise and offer support with any technical questions both pre and post commissioning. In the event a fault cannot be diagnosed remotely or a repair is required, the team can arrange for your radar to be returned to base for further diagnostic tests or repair.

Navtech Radar Ltd also offer a number of support plan options during the lifetime of your radar, offering peace of mind for your installation.

For further information on the support plan options or any technical questions please contact the Customer Services Support Centre on +44 (0) 1235 832419, or email at



The radar unit uses an SD Memory card for operational functions. These memory devices can suffer corruption if power is removed unexpectedly during key operational stages of use.

Users are warned that once power is applied to the unit it should not be removed within the first 2.5 minutes of power on, in order to allow the system to complete its boot cycle.

In addition, power to the unit should not be removed during or for 30 seconds after firmware upgrades or configuration changes made from within Vertex.


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