Navtech Radar’s industrial grade sensors provide high-resolution imaging in all weather, lighting and environmental conditions, overcoming some of the fundamental limitations of laser and camera solutions. Engineered to withstand extreme vibration, temperatures and environments, they are the most reliable sensors for use in mission-critical automation applications, providing critical sensor data when it’s needed most. Navtech has 20 years’ experience designing sensors for the most demanding environments, such as mines, ports and industrial plants. The 360° scanning sensors have a narrow beam width and fast update rate, providing unambiguous, high dynamic range data. They are compact, light-weight, and fully ruggedized, specifically developed for automation applications in harsh environments – from measurement and ranging, to anti-collision and obstacle detection.

The sensor can be easily integrated into any software package, requiring only a power and ethernet connection to transfer raw image data (power spectrum and azimuth) that can be interpreted to suit the user’s needs.