Adding a Relay Device


The SafeGuard™ software directly supports the Advantech ADAM 6060 Ethernet relay device. This supports six relays and is driven by the Modbus over TCP protocol. Details of the unit can be found here.

This section covers configuring the SafeGuard™ system to connect to the ADAM device.

This section does not cover configuring the ADAM 6060 device itself. Please refer to the Advantech documentation for information on configuring the device's IP address.



  • The relay device must be powered and connected on the same physical network as the radar and the device must have an IP that is either on the same subnet as the radar or is accessible through a routed connection.

  • The radar must be configured to connect to the relay device.

Configuring the Radar

The IP address for the relay unit is set on the Radar Configuration page:

Set the IP address of the ADAM unit and hit Apply followed by Commit Changes. The radar will now attempt to connect to the relay unit.

Triggering Relays

Relays are triggered when an area goes into an alarm. This is either triggered by a target being detected in an area or by a target disappearing in an area when you have Invert Break Logic enabled.

Each area will trigger their corresponding relay on the ADAM units, so area will trigger relay 0, area 2 will trigger relay 1 and so on.

Be aware that the ADAM relay index is zero based - so relays available are 0 - 5. SafeGuard™ areas are numbered 1-6.