Configuration Options


This section covers the primary configuration options which dictate the performance of SafeGuard™.


Configuration Options

There are three primary configuration options. These are as follows:

Threshold: The Threshold is the global threshold used to exclude noise and unwanted clutter. Only returns from targets that exceed this threshold will be considered for extraction. Anything below this threshold will be ignored.

The threshold can be a value from 0 - 127dB. The value is a float and depending on the radar model, this can be expressed in half decibel steps (i.e. 65.5dB) or a finer resolution of up to 1/127 dB. 

The default threshold is 0 which means the feature extraction feature is disabled. This needs to be set to a value above zero to enable the target reporting. We would recommend that the starting threshold is a value of 65dB or higher.

Low Thresholds: Note that each detection cell is compared against this threshold, so if the threshold is set too low then you will create an enormous amount of targets for consideration which can have a detrimental impact on performance and will prevent the radar from providing useful target data.

Bins to Operate On: This is the window size, in range bins, that is used to identify peaks. This window "slides" along each azimuth sample and is processed to identify peaks. If a signal peak is found then the curve fitting algorithm is applied to the sub-resolve the most accurate range to this peak. If no peaks are found then the window moves onto the next 5 bins. This approach helps eliminate minor secondary peaks which often appear either side of the primary peak.

The default value for Bins to Operate On is 5 bins. This setting performs well for most scenarios so we do not recommend changing it without relevant testing.

Minimum Bins to Operate On: This is the minimum bin from which to start the target extraction process. Any targets / peaks which are closer than this bin will not be processed. Typical navigation or safety systems ignore very close targets as these can be misleading for example they may be part of the structure on which the radar is mounted.

The default value for Min. Bins to Operate on is 50. In terms of what this represents in range will depend on the native resolution of the sensor. For high resolution models this will equate to just over 2m (~4.4cm per bin) and for standard resolution systems this is just under 9m (~17.5cm per bin).