Starting SafeGuard™


SafeGuard™ is accessed through the Vertex web UI on the radar. A more detailed description of the Vertex UI can be found in the Vertex User Guide. You will need to login into Vertex using the default user account. Although Vertex will work in most modern HTML 5 compatible browsers, we only recommend Google Chrome for SafeGuard™.



You will need the following in order to access SafeGuard™:

  • A laptop or PC capable of running the latest Google Chrome browser.

  • The latest version of Google Chrome

  • The ability to communicate with the radar over the network, including using a suitable IP address on your laptop / PC so you are in the same subnet as the radar.

The default radar IP address is

Accessing Vertex

To access the Vertex UI on the radar:

1. Enter the IP address of the radar into the browser address bar (in this example the radar IP address is

2. As long as the communication is correct between the laptop / PC and the radar, the Vertex home page will be displayed.

3. Select Login and enter the normal user account details.

The default user account details are: 

Username: user (all lower case)

Password: Navtech User (including capital ‘N' & 'U’)

4. Once successfully logged in you will see more options in the menu on the left hand-side:

5. The SafeGuard™ menu option contains options for configuration, drawing and editing the detection areas.