A centimetre accurate radar-only localisation solution.

Terran360 is an off the shelf product that enables any vehicle, autonomous or not, to map an environment and subsequently localise within that map to centimetre level accuracy using only a single Navtech Radar.

Our approach to localisation distinguishes itself here in the following ways:

  • GPS-free: there is no dependence on GPS, which means that localisation can work in places where GPS is not available (indoors) or can be jammed. This last point has a big impact when considering operational security and the likely form of a denial of service attack on a vehicle depending on GPS.

  • Marker-Free: there is no dependence on markers or beacons surveyed into the environment. This makes deployment simple, cheap and fast.

  • Robustness: The radar and hence radar-based localisation system, will operate in a wide range of lighting and illumination conditions or scene appearance, seasonal change, weather conditions or dust and operating temperature.

  • Precision: the system can precisely estimate 3-DoF pose of a vehicle - x, y and yaw.

  • Continuity: a component which runs in parallel to our localisation system is that of radar odometry (RO). RO estimates the motion of the vehicle as it moves through the environment. We fuse the localisation estimate with the relative motion estimate from RO, such that the output trajectory is precise and smooth.

Further Information

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